The Bottle Opener. We all need one! Enter The Fulcro

Fulcro Beer Bottle Opener

If you haven’t already, you need to check out Portsmouth Company’s kickstarter project for The Fulcro;  the ultimate bottle opener!  We at BEERLIST, love the simplicity of The Fulcro and it’s tough ass ness bottle opening skills.

The Fulcro features stainless steel, a minimalist design, is American crafted, and fits in any wallet.  It is “Crafted Like Your Beer!”

The Fulcro is the perfect complement to BEERLIST and to that amazing craft beer you want to find and break open.   The Portsmouth Company declares,

Nothing saddens the hearts of thirsty men and women, then a beer, at just the right temperature, without a bottle opener. Oh, the humanity! It can happen to anyone, anywhere.”

We couldn’t agree more!

Say “Hello” to our Fulcro! Now you will have the power at your fingertips to reign supreme against those pesky hard to open bottle caps. The perfect bottle opener that will allow you to grin and beer it.

The project features a number of pledge levels to sweeten the deal.  Depending on your pledge level you will be hooked up with some cool beer gear like, beer coasters, shirts, wallets, etc.. So now it’s your turn to Pre order your Fulcro today and support American Craft-Made and the Portsmouth Company.

Grin and Beer it baby!



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